I started this site in 2000. I used to aspire to do great and lovely things with it. I've since realized that I prefer to interact with ideas rather than make pretty expressions of them. Standards have a way of fading in light of procrastination.

I write about and research networks, media, technology, analytics, openness, and higher education. And roughly anything else that interests me at a particular stage. I suffer substantially from "shiny object syndrome". These excursions often lead to integrative and holistic thinking. At least, that's how I rationalize the breadth of topics I explore.

Blog - the most active part of the site with articles/posts dating back to 2001.
I also write at: www.learninganalytics.net and www.connectivism.ca


Where to find me:
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Generally, I'm 'gsiemens' on different sites/services.

Random reading

Knowing Knowledge (book) (pdf download if you don't want to pay)

Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning

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